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Prepared Environment A properly prepared Montessori Classroom is ordered everything has a place is neat, attractive, and accessible. At CRMS, equipment is of the highest quality, and it is essential that it be in good condition and attractive. Liberty Within Limits The child is free to develop in accordance with his inner needs, in an environment designed to allow him to experience order and discipline, until these qualities flower from within and become part of the child's being. Cycles Of Work A child works better when left to himself with a minimum of adult interference. A child is "done" when he is "finished." He has fulfilled his need to do a particular activity. Doing for himself is purposeful to a child. Process Not Product The fact that a child completes an activity from beginning to end is more important than the end product. In time the child will learn to recognize his errors. Control Of Error The materials are designed so that the child can see his errors. For example, the pink tower will show visual disharmony and/or fall over. Auto Education This is the goal, self-education.
Points of Interest in the Montessori Classroom
Chase Ranch Montessori School
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